Girls For A Change Goes HOLLYWOOD: The Sephora Project

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden attended the event in support of GFC and The Sephora Project – From left to right: Crystal (GFC Silicon Valley), Whitney Smith (GFC, CEO), Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and Aline (GFC Phoenix)

Girls For A Change (GFC) is kicking off their seventh year by launching their first ever cross-country tour. The tour is set to begin on Sept. 24, 2008, and will be premiering in the San Francisco Bay Area. But before they set off across country the Sephora-GFC partnership launch party hit Los Angeles last Friday. Check out the front page of which highlights just a few of my favorite celebrities that were out to support the cause.

GFC National Tour
Starting September 24 the four-week tour will be en route to Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix, Memphis, amongst other stops with a final destination of New York City. Stopping in 25 cities, GFC will be reaching out to girls at schools, malls, concerts and various other venues. GFC will train more than 2,500 girls at schools and organizations throughout the country with their Change Your World Trainings. The trainings are free to schools and community organizations. During 2-hour workshop, girls will learn about social change, discover a diverse group of social change role models, and get user-friendly tools and resources for starting change on their own!

About GFC
GFC is a national organization that empowers thousands of teen girls to create and lead social change. GFC provides girls with professional female role models, leadership training and the inspiration to work together in teams to solve persistent societal problems in their communities. For more information on this exciting trip across North America, please visit their website or join the Girls For A Change Action Network