It’s official – Voce rocks at Rock Band! At CES this year, Voce was invited to participate in SanDisk’s “Battle of the Bloggers” Rock Band 2 Challenge and dominated, pulling out a win in this eight-team elimination competition. The event was held on Friday during CES to promote SanDisk’s new 2GB card for use with Rock Band 2 for Nintendo Wii.

Our band was dubbed “Conflict of Interest” – because, unlike the other teams – this motley crew, pun definitely intended, consisted of both journalists and PR reps. Keith Shaw from Network World (guitar), Kyle Monson (drums) and PJ Jacobowitz (lead vocals), both of PC Magazine, together with Nicole Rodrigues (vocals) and myself (bass) from Voce Communications made up what would ultimately be the baddest Rock Band at CES.

Victory Banner at CES 2009

The contest was a regular who’s who in the journalistic and blogger community. Other bands included folks from CrunchGear, Joystiq, Sarah Lacy from Business Week, NonSociety, and USA Today.

The line-up for our rock-n-roll debut was: “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky III (this round was an instant “bye” based on the no-show of the WIRED team), “Any Way You Want It” by Journey (against the CrunchGear band), and the rockin’ game winning finale of Kansas’ “Carry on My Wayward Son” (against Joystiq).

Our hope is to sign with a major record label, hit the road, rock out across the globe on a world tour, sign autographs and horde a lot of adoring fans. But if this doesn’t happen, it’s all good. We still had a day at CES when we knew what it felt to party like rock stars!

The Winning Rockband Team at CES 2009