Chris Thilk Joins Voce Communications

We’re pleased to announce that Chris Thilk is now part of the Voce Nation. He’ll be working with our dedicated social media team, which now numbers eight full-time staff. Chris will continue to be based in the Chicago area, but will make trips to the mothership in Sunnyvale, CA as needed.

We’re fired up to have Chris on-board.

Mike Manuel and I have always had a list of folks in the industry that we really respect. Folks that walk the walk, more than they talk the talk, and Chris Thilk is one of them.

Chris has significant agency & big-brand experience in social media, something that is unique, when every pundit on twitter is now an ‘expert’.

When the opportunity to hire Chris came up, we couldn’t let it pass.

Officially, Chris started in early March and has already re-found the joys of agency life . He’ll be working on a variety of projects for Intel and Comcast to name a few.

Previous to Voce, Chris worked at MWW with Tom Biro in the DialogueMedia digital division, working with brands like Nikon and Samsung.

Chris is also a big movie fan and writes prolifically at Movie Marketing Madness, his blog about, well you guessed it, movie marketing.

Stay tuned though, we have a few more announcements coming up. Voce’s on a roll.