I was fortunate enough to spend an hour yesterday with Scott Hoffman, an entrepreneur and marketing guru who runs the Cliqology blog. Cliqology is…”a source of information and commentary specifically dedicated to how professionals across the entire marketing spectrum can take full advantage of the Social Revolution that is happening on the web today.”

The topic of our discussion was ‘Who Should Own Social Media…the PR Team or the Ad Team?‘ While that’s a bit of a loaded gun and I think I dodged answering the specific question pretty effectively, Scott and I did talk about how communications and PR touches social media marketing within a company. The discussion came at a fairly high level but I also think there are is some good conversation around community based marketing and each of us had strong examples of how some companies are tackling the health of their brand using social media.

The podcast is available here on VoceNation of course, but also on the Cliqology blog here and through iTunes.

Thanks for listening!