So many great ideas come as the result of a bunch of smart, passionate people getting in the same room and trading thoughts.

That’s why I’m happy to announce Voce is among those sponsoring The Conversation, an event organized by writer and new media distribution thought-leader Scott Kirsner. The Conversation, which was first held (and attended by me) in 2008, seeks to bring together folks from all over the filmmaking and entertainment spectrum – from people trying to get their independent film financed and seen to those who work on the cutting edge of film technology at major studios – and get them all talking about what’s coming and how what’s being done at one level can have applications and benefits for everyone else.


The Conversation 2010 will be happening on March 27th on the campus of Columbia University in Manhattan. If you’re interested in being part of this day registration is now open. If anyone will be attending as well drop me a line and make sure to find me at the event. Given the lineup of speakers and attendees Scott has already lined up I’m confident this year’s version will be as great, if not better, than 2008’s.