Episode 8 of Conversations with Community Managers (co-produced with The Community Roundtable) features Jodi Gersh, Social Media Content Manager at the Gannett Company, where the helps Gannett’s 80+ newspapers and 20+ TV stations with their social media needs and strategies.
Podcast highlights include:
  • Meshing “old school” journalism with new media channels
  • How Gannett coordinates social media learnings and tactics among more than 100 separate entities.
  • The importance of internal communications in keeping employees at all levels- and in all markets- engaged in using social media, including the use of “old school” methods like email
  • Upcoming trends: you guessed it, location and mobile
  • The newsroom of today: from an anecdote by co-host Jim Storer about his visit last year to the Cincinnati Enquirer newsroom
  • Melding “citizen journalism” with professional investigative journalism

Voce Communications has partnered with The Community Roundtable to produce a new podcast series,Conversations with Community Managers. In this series, Voce’s Doug Haslam and The Community Roundtable’s Jim Storer speak with people from a variety of industries about their efforts with online community; what they are doing, the challenges and opportunities unique to their industry, and the differences and similarities between “community” and “social media.”

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[audio:http://vocecommunications.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Community-Managers-Gannett-Final.mp3|titles=Conversation with Community Managers: Jodi Gersh, Gannett]

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