So, it’s no secret that the Sony PlayStation Blog is one of our banner WordPress projects here. They’re great partners and have embraced the platform allowing us to do things like contribute plugins developed for the site back to the WordPress developer community. I’m excited to give a few details about one of our newest WordPress projects with them, PlayStation Blog Share.

I won’t go too much into the back story here on why an idea sharing community needed to be added to the PlayStation Blog, but let’s just say that a little less than a year ago the technical challenge of creating this idea sharing community presented itself. The PlayStation Blog was already using WordPress and we were already storing a massive amount of data there, so the first thought was to see what we could do with the existing architecture to create this idea sharing community. When it breaks down we have a few different mechanisms:

  1. People need to submit ideas
  2. People need to give feedback on ideas
  3. People need to vote on ideas

Beyond these things, we’re really just looking at different ways of manipulating this data. Looking at the model of WordPress, it made sense to think of ideas as just a type of post. Ideas could be submitted by users but not immediately posted (allowing for moderation controls) by making folks Contributors. We could then leverage the built-in capability for comments as well as one of the existing plugins used for post ratings (in this case use it for voting ideas up and down). Put this together and you have PlayStation Blog Share.

With additional support around custom post types in WordPress 3.0, this need really was nicely filled by WordPress. The guys here were also able to leverage a bit more magic in the administration to make the management of the ideas a bit easier. As you can imagine, there is a pretty good chance that with so many folks submitting ideas you might have a few duplicates, so we’ve tried to help in that process.

To this point things have worked just as we had intended with new features on the way. As I write this post we have the following in the system:

  • 3,367 ideas
  • 45,298 comments on those ideas
  • 1,066,228 votes on those ideas