Google Analytics Starts Getting Social With +1 Button Data: It’s pleasantly surprising that Google is so quickly making sure that there are actual analytics behind one of its publishing-related products. More broadly it’s a big time saver to see Social Engagement broken out in Analytics like this. Now if we can only get Feedburner information integrated…

Why QR Codes Could Disrupt Your URL SEO Strategy: There are some good points here about how URLs that are overloaded with keywords don’t translate into easy-to-read QR codes. While it’s certainly something to keep in mind there’s also the reality that not only is the creation of a QR code for every little product largely unnecessary but there can always be alternate (read: shorter) URLs created specifically for the purpose of using them for QR codes.

Don’t Auto-Tweet Trending Topics: I’m not going to criticize anyone for what happened here, I’m just confused and bewildered by something that’s supposed to be conversational, informatl and interesting is at all being handled like an automated stock transaction or ad buy.

StumbleUpon Sends More Traffic to U.S. Websites than Facebook: Take it for what it’s worth but it’s also important to point out that SU keeps chugging along and popping up from time to time while other sites tend to rise and then fade away.

Maintaining Engagement On Large Facebook Pages: Some new research that shows engagement drops on brand pages with “Likes” of more than 100,000. That might be true but it also might be indicative of how some brands (though none of the ones *we* work with) have a “set it and forget it” attitude. And it calls into question why some companies keep chasing numbers through Facebook ads and such when they’re not commited to long-term conversations.