Voce San FranciscoEvery year on Voce’s anniversary, Richard Cline, Matthew Podboy or I sit down to write a blog post about what it means to be another year older. We talk about our culture. We talk about our clients. Then we drop an obscure reference to a Will Ferrell movie. It’s a great formula and I can write posts like that for the next 20 years (assuming Will Ferrell is still a box office draw…which he will be.)

But the three of us share one primary perspective. A perspective of someone that has been at Voce since the beginning.

So this year it’s time to hear from someone else…the Voce Nation.

Dave Black, Voce Old Timer and 80’s Rock Aficionado

But before Vocians from across the country publicly make fun of my many character flaws, I would like to thank our people and our clients. You have made Voce a puberty-stricken, awkward teenager, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Andy Burt (1+ years)

Moving into PR was the scariest career choice I had ever made. After building a career in the games industry, I was considering joining up with a PR group run by three guys who I was convinced were either brilliant, insane, or possibly a mix of the two. I’ve also never had a boss who’s high-five could literally kill someone, but Matt Podboy wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking back, I’m happy I made the move, as the tightly-knit community of people here is, in my opinion, unmatched at any other company. Here’s to many more years, Voce!

Pete Schiebel (3+ years)

When I joined Voce I thought I was joining a company, but instead I joined a culture. It’s refreshing to feel so close to so many people all the way across the country.

Lindsey Smith (6+years)

When Theodore Roosevelt said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” I think he was looking into the future at the “Voce way.” To me Voce is such a special place because when I come to work I don’t feel like part of a headcount or a dollar sign – I feel like a person that matters. So how do I feel about Voce? Lets just say Voce was kind enough to take me in at 22 years of age and I haven’t updated my resume since the day I started. – Lindsey Smith, 6 years, 6 months, 20 days (Plus 4 months as an intern!) and looking forward to many more

Dyani Vanderhorst (1+year)

At Voce I have had the great pleasure of working with and learning from the best in the industry. My team members inspire confidence, lead by example and empower me to deliver work to the best of my ability every day.

Ryan Lack, (7+ years)

Voce has given my family and me a lot in the last seven years, including a big dinner party on my very first day. That day happened to coincide with today, the anniversary of the company’s humble beginnings, but I chose to look at it as a celebration of me. It made me feel very special, let me tell you.

In my time here I’ve seen the company grow from small independent firm with approximately 25 employees to a recently-acquired business with 80+ employees in the Bay Area alone. It has been a tremendous honor not only to grow within Voce’s walls but also to be a part of helping build them. I’m often asked what keeps me here, “Wow, seven years. That’s a long time. What keeps you coming in everyday?”

The answer to that is a pretty simple one, actually – it’s the family. We try to make a habit of hiring not only the best and brightest but really cool and interesting people, too. Voce has given me a lot, but what it’s given me most of all are what I generally consider to be many, many lifelong friendships. That’s what has made it such a special place for me and is most certainly chief among the reasons why I’m still here.

Gina von Esmarch (5+ years)

The best team to work with bar none. I am always impressed with this company and it’s love for hard work and hard play. This is one of the few places where the years just fly by. Thanks for executing such a great biz model, hiring like minded folks and giving us a place to enjoy our work.

Terrell Neilson (6 months)

Voce’s culture is defined by the down-to-earth people who work here. Everyone at every level is approachable, friendly and fun. This is why I came to Voce. Like they say, “it’s all about the people!”

Tiffany Curci (12+ years)

It’s been a little over 12 years and I’ve always loved the people I work with (and not in an HR-infraction kind of way), those that have gone on to do other great things and those that remain, like our three founders. They’re still funny, even the 10th time I’ve heard the same joke, because apparently Groundhog Day and Anchorman jokes just never get old. Oh yes, and I’m still challenged and inspired every day, even if it’s a high-kick contest (HT to Jeff Urquhart for the best high kick I’ve ever seen). Gotta love that in career choice and work family (which does kind of remind me of the ‘family’ of news anchors from Anchorman).