One of my favorite podcasters in the communications business is Shel Holtz at For Immediate Release. I’ve been listening to his shows since I was at IBM a decade ago. Shel is always insightful, and he is able to attract the best minds in the business to share their thoughts on the latest developments in our business. So when he asks you to be on his show, you say yes.


I was one of the panel on this week’s episode, number 19 in his new series, along with RedPhlag CEO and UC-Berkeley instructor Gerry Corbett and author and consultant David Spark. We talked about a number of the stories that topped the news in the communications business in the past week, such as why brands just can’t seem to shut up for just a little while when tragedy strikes or a celebrity dies; why the PR trade press seems to be dominated by coverage of who’s taken a job where rather than covering the actual business of communications; and the ongoing efforts to bring the Internet to the world’s poorest populations (and whether that will really do them any good). Smart panel, I had a great time chatting with them and I learned a few things. You should give it a listen.