Friends3007JonFavreauPeteResolution #1 – I’ve conquered the APR world (a la: The One with Ross’s Thing – “PETE: And I feel like I’ve conquered the business world, and I feel like I’ve conquered the intellectual world, and now I-I have the most beautiful woman in the world.”) so now I want to conquer the CPRC world. “The credential of Certified Public Relations Counselor or CPRC is the second tier credential offered by FPRA. The certification process was developed to recognize professional growth and achievement of senior members who have already earned the APR designation. Candidates for CPRC must be a member of FPRA and have a minimum of 10 years of professional practice in public relations. ”

Resolution #2 – Be a better citizen of the world (a la: The Walking Dead, Season 6: “(Tyreese) his father had taught him it was his responsibility as a “citizen of the world” to be aware of the news and what’s going on” (fact check, season 6?) I’m tired of the barrage of information all day long with no good way to sort through all of the world news, culturally relevant news, client-related news, etc.   – I want to find a way to better absorb the relevant information, skip over the “nice/fun to read” and get rid of the rest and still find a way to disconnect when I need to do that. In a world where we work/live/breath the digital environment and we have an app for everything, can’t I find a better way to consume the information?

Resolution #3 – I should become “more powerful than you can possibly imagine” – Obi-Wan to Darth Vader. Finally figure out – do I need an MBA – is it relevant to me? Is it worth my time and money, is it valuable to my employer. etc. will it make me the the most powerful Jedi in the world?