For those that know me, they know that I amass quite a big collection of door stops when it comes to technology, meaning most of the stuff I try doesn’t quite make it past the 1 – 2 week excitement phase and ends up back in the box or in my office drawer of goodies. However, the ones that stand out make my life as a gadget geek, dad and digital marketer that much more productive and fun. I would say my favorite one right now is the Amazon Echo which my kids loved during the holidays saying “Alexis (my kid calls it Alexis) play Jingle Bells” – pure joy for all ages. So as I start the new year as the chief gadget officer in my household I’m always looking for the latest and greatest gadgets.


Last week’s CES 2016 brought an immense wave of announcements from companies in wearables, cars, displays, accessories and many more categories. I tried to pick 5 that I think will come to reality (because most CES products are just talk or concepts). Drool over the list below and tweet @djksar with what products you are adding to your wish list.

5. Mercedes-Benz’s Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile concept

It’s still a concept car but I was really impressed on how the body of the car adapts/changes based upon the environment. Watch this Mashable Facebook Live stream for a demo and start saving:


We’re taking an exclusive look at Mercedes-Benz’s Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile concept

Posted by Mashable on Thursday, January 7, 2016

4. Withings Thermo

Being a father of two toddlers I have been known to spend lots of time in urgent care. And the first thing that my kids hate doing (besides taking medicine) is getting their temperature taken. Withings Thermo was announced at CES 2016 and all you need to do is put the device on your forehead – genius. I’m sure there are some debates on what the right place to take your temperature is but from a pure convenience standpoint for parents and the toddlers this is great. Other key feature is Wi-Fi which I thought was unnecessary but it could be helpful in tracking the temperature and giving you some immediate help instead of heading straight to the 2-hour line in urgent care on a Saturday at 2am (never happened before).


3. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

I don’t see Samsung’s announcement as a new innovation in tech but using existing technology in places that should of been done long time ago. The new fridges now have:

  • 21.5” display on the front of the fridge
  • Cameras inside the fridge so you can see what you have and more importantly don’t have
  • Ability to swap photos to the fridge instead of using the annoying fridge magnets
  • Buy groceries straight from the fridge or your mobile phone

Watch the below video of the Samsung press conference (wish there was a real demo):

2. Kodak Super 8 Camera

Super 8? Are you kidding me. Retro has always been back in fashion but this camera was a surprise to a lot in the videography field, me included. They are targeting the filmmakers and not your chief household officers and the roadmap (they’ve said) is a commitment to a wide range of production tools and film services that can help the filmmaker. You can find more info on this here.

super 8

1. Muzik Convertible Headphones

The news wasn’t just the announcement of the Muzik’s new headphones but Twitter’s venture arm just invested in them. What got me excited about this product was the programmable keys. My headphone purchases has been mainly over-the-ear products and I’ve been sticking primarily with Sennheiser and Beats. There might be some competition for my Father’s day gift or my birthday later in the year. Watch the somewhat cheesy promo video below:

That’s the round-up. Lots of exciting announcements. Some available this year and some just a concept for 5 to 10 years from now. Shall be interesting. Tweet @djksar #ces2016 with what products you want.

And now I leave you with a funny musical video from my favorite tech reporter David Pogue from Yahoo! Tech: