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Wikipedia at 15: Millions of readers in scores of languages

“Wikipedia turns 15 on Friday. A key element in its creators’ vision of a user-generated online encyclopedia was to make it a repository of information serving audiences in multiple languages. The first non-English versions launched shortly after the Wikipedia’s founding in 2001, with offerings in six languages – German, Catalan, Swedish, French, Spanish and Russian.”

Voce Insight – Wikipedia remains hugely important to the English-speaking audience. If someone is researching your company or organization, chances are they’ll be looking for you on the site. It’s worth noting however that Wikipedia’s importance (or at least what is important) varies with language and nationalities. It’s also critical that companies recognize that the Wikipedia editorial community has strict standards when it comes to how PR representatives and agencies work to make changes to Wikipedia entries. Many leading PR agencies, including Voce/Porter Novelli, have agreed to abide by a specific code of ethics for PR and Wikipedia, and we cannot recommend strongly enough that you do as well.

How to: find local Twitter reaction to a national event

“When a national news story breaks and you need local reaction, how do you exclude the national-level updates that dominate all the other coverage? On Twitter there’s a simple answer: search within lists.”

Voce Insight – Google alerts can be great for monitoring news on a daily or weekly basis. But that’s not going to give you everything when you’re tasked with monitoring a breaking news situation. This article has some valuable tips on how to follow the story on a minute-by-minute basis with a select group of people.

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The Verge Co-Founder Josh Topolsky Is Raising Money to Launch a Media Startup

“Joshua Topolsky, co-founding editor of our Vox Media sister site* The Verge and most recently head of digital at Bloomberg, is working on a new digital media project that will cover a broad range of topics including politics, culture and business.”

Voce Insight – This story is another reminder of how fluid the media landscape is and how important it is to maintain relationships with all your contacts. Dedicating some time for your local reporters can pay off in the long run, as they may eventually join a national news organization or a gain a more prominent role in a media startup.

What is Public Relations These Days? Is It Time to Revisit PRSA’s Official Definition?

‘Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.’ Really?”

Voce Insight – Like all other things in life, PR is constantly changing. It’s already a challenge to describe our work to friends and family, because there are just so many aspects to it, some of which you might not even take part in depending on your clients’ needs. However, it’s important to have a general understanding and be able to give an up-to-date answer when asked, “What is public relations?”


The School-To-Work Transition Is Broken: Here’s Who’s Fixing It

“The U.S. unemployment rate in November 2015 was 5.0%, down from a high of 10% in October 2009. Among young people, however, unemployment is significantly higher: just under 16% for 18-19 year olds.”

Voce Insight – It’s no secret that not all the skills you acquire on your path to employment are found in the classroom. Beyond working a job in college and developing the soft skills that will help you later in life, it’s worth identifying those workplace requirements school isn’t teaching and bridging the gap through free online training or by seeking the advice of those already working in the career you want.

3 Perceived Weaknesses in Young Professionals That Call for a Different Perspective

“As a college student or a recent grad, it’s easy to feel like you have more weaknesses than strengths. You haven’t had time to develop your skills like some of the senior-level executives have, and it’s discouraging to see all the entry-level openings that require 2 or more years of experience.”

Voce Insight – Don’t be disheartened by all the required skills needed on entry-level positions. You DO have what it takes! Read how to turn inexperience, introversion and your mistakes into wins!