People in the communications profession sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to numbers, and math, and quantifiable results. “You can’t put a number on the value of a New York Times article” is a phrase you’ve probably heard more than once.

Just Because We’re in Communications Doesn’t Mean We Don’t ‘Do’ Numbers

But the reality is, at Voce, numbers matter. It starts with our analytics department, which is dedicated specifically to finding new and innovative ways of measuring the real business impact of our programs. But the rest of us don’t simply sit back and pass it off to the analytics nerds every time we see a number.

Instead, each of us embrace numbers in different ways. From measuring business impact to media briefings, from impressions to work-life balance, below is a small sampling of perspectives from Vocians on the topic of numbers

Alex Alias, Client Executive

Numbers, they’re everywhere. The number system dictates everything from the binary functions of a computer to the 40-hour work week. The beauty is you can manipulate certain numbers such as how to spend 24 hours in a day. The tough part is being able to balance everything in those 24 hours. During the week, I balance time between clients and coworkers with time carved out to read news and think of new ideas. My weekends are balanced with friends, fun and fitness that way I’m refreshed for Monday. Whether it be hours in a day or the change in your bank account it is important to make numbers work the best for you!

alex alias

Brittany Dixon, Senior Client Executive

I have a love/hate relationship with numbers. I hate seeing high numbers when they are in the form of calories on my favorite ice cream jar, or on the price tag of a shirt I want. I love numbers when they are in the form of pay day, in the form of puppies (the more the better), and when they are in the form of social results. Working on many social programs at Voce, high numbers are gold. Being able to quantify the content we are creating in numbers (high numbers) to the client, is an amazing feeling. Numbers are a universal language, but numbers in the form of analytics are the cherry on top when justifying your hard work, ideas, and creativity.

dixon 0415

Becky Edwards, Senior Client Executive

For someone who disliked math class more than anything growing up, talking about numbers in a positive tone is a big one for me. Impressions, UVMPs, circulations – all extremely important in my day-to-day role at Voce and all deal with numbers. When numbers can be controlled – even numbers are everything to me. Some might say OCD, but I just call it consistency. Four briefings instead of three, six talking points instead of five… you get the drill. You can always count on numbers.

becky edwards new

Andy Stoltzfus, Vice President

In our industry, it’s easy to get caught up in numbers for the sake of numbers. Clicks, impressions, Likes, comments, article count. To me, though, it’s about finding the right number to look at, and finding opportunities to increase those numbers exponentially. I thrive on connecting our communications programs directly to business numbers – to conversions, downloads, or purchases. When it comes to impressions, I sometimes thrive on small numbers – but only when we can identify that those impressions are with the people who matter and who will take the action we want them to take. And I thrive on exponential numbers – such as activating advocates and employees who have networks of their own and can exponentially increase the impact of our communications activities.

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