Analytics is an essential part of any digital or social program. It gives you the cadence on how your program is doing, whether you are meeting your goals and if your customers are happy. In this week’s (inaugural) Voce Nation Podcast, I chatted with my co-worker, John Gilloly, whom I always go to whenever I have a measurement question and whether the content I’m publishing is making a dent in the client’s overall program. John’s official role is the VP of Analytics and Measurement West Coast based out of San Francisco. His dad was a sports writer yet vows to this day that he hates anything with sports, especially watching. Listen below and comment with your questions on analytics.


Give it a listen below or here on SoundCloud.

Fast forward to these questions if you like:

  • 1:20 Who are you and what do you do at Voce
  • 2:25 Where did the analytics mindset come from?
  • 4:35 Dad is a sports writer – why don’t you watch sports?
  • 6:10 Should analytics mindset be made important in everyone’s life
  • 7:20 How has analytics progressed in 10 years
  • 9:33 How do you start every analytics project?
  • 11:00 How has the analytics career progressed?
  • 12:30 What are the skill sets you need to be hired as an analyst?
  • 16:00 Rapid fire questions – Get to know John a little better