157434-chevy-chase-no-math-gif-meme-I-9NDXNumbers mean a lot, even if we don’t work in data or analytics. While most of our jobs involve words and how to best use them to communicate ideas, there’s also a big role numbers play in our responsibilities. Sometimes that’s in how we track and interpret site analytics, sometimes it’s in how we gauge the ROI of an advertising spend, sometimes it’s as simple as how many hours this week we spent on a particular client project.

For instance this morning I:

  • Spent 45 minutes writing
  • Answered 7 emails
  • Sent 3 text messages
  • Posted 2 tweets
  • Looked at my blog visit stats 5 times

Are these numbers something I’m conscious of all the time? No, not really. But once you start looking around, they’re there.

Numbers take even more of our awareness during March, as much of the country follows along with March Madness, at least until their brackets are busted. The Sweet Sixteen, Final Four, Extravagant 128 (that’s a thing, right? I’m just waiting for Cubs season to start) all capture our imagination and dominate conversations for much of the month. If you’re playing along you’re likely acutely aware of where the tournament is, what seed your favorite teams are and so on. All of a sudden we’re all statisticians, using math skills baseball fans only use in September as we calculate Magic Numbers and movie fans use to determine how many bear attacks would have made other Leonardo DiCaprio movies at least watchable.

So this month in honor of March Madness and it’s obsession with numbers we’re going to be sharing the numbers that mean the most to us. For some of us that might be client related. For others it might be personal. But we want to acknowledge how big an influence in our lives numbers of all kinds are.