We’re in the business of communications, meaning it’s imperative for every single one of us to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening. That means what’s happening in our industry, what’s changing in our client’s worlds, what key journalists are interested in, and what broader business trends are coming that we can get our clients in front of.

But just how to keep up with all of that can be a tough challenge – especially on top of everything else we have to do in a day.

That’s why we asked a group of folks across Voce for their tricks, tips, hacks and best practices for keeping up with their news. Unsurprisingly, we got such a range of responses and tricks that we had to turn it into two parts.

This is the first of a two-part series highlighting a selection of these approaches:

Keira Anderson, Vice President

Each morning, I start my day with a quick scan of top stories from the Fortune, WSJ, New York Times and Re/code newsletters. All of the most important headlines are curated right there for you — and more and more, these publications are sharing articles from across publications. It’s an easy way to capture the important news for my clients on the way to work. I also religiously read Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey emails since they always have the best inside scoop on the top journalists. When it comes to client coverage tracking, it’s all about #GoogleRefresh to make sure we’re staying on top of the news cycles.

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Sean Lenehan, Senior Client Executive

I subscribe the to the New York Times, keep their website as my home page and enable their push notifications on my phone. That’s supplemented by following a cadre of tech, business and political reporters on Twitter. And though I don’t go there for news, I’ll occasionally learn of stories through Reddit or Facebook.

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Ed McClendon, Supervisor

Bye bye newspapers, hello Twitter Moments. Last October, my FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) tendencies rejoiced when the social platform announced their new (life changing) feature. All it takes is a click and a few swipes on my mobile device and voilà, I’m up to speed on all of the latest topics that are dominating online conversations. Looking to consume news with a laugh? Yes? Then I highly recommend the “Links I would gchat you if we were friends” daily newsletter, that is produced by The Washington Post’s digital culture critic, Caitlin Dewey.

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Lisa Neitzel, Senior Vice President

I read theSkimm daily newsletter every morning before I even get out bed to see a quick overview of the news I need to know. Then, as I go through the day, I check in at a number of news sites online to track real-time breaking news. Finally, to take a step back and look at bigger trends and features, I read Time Magazine each weekend.

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