It’s April, which means the sun is shining (editor’s note: It was hailing 48 hours ago in the Chicago area) and the flowers are blooming (editor’s note: many will be dead when the temp drops below freezing in the next three days) so it’s time to whip out those booty shorts (editor’s note: you know what, you get the point) and begin to welcome Spring. But how to fit into them?

With April being Stress Awareness Month, we figured it would be great to kick off a health initiative within our office and work together to find healthy ways to relieve stress! Fun fact: Scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood as well as improve both sleep and self-esteem.

With that being said, we have a bunch of activities that will be happening across Voce offices throughout the month that have been laid out below! Without further ado, the month of April. That involves 5/10K runs or walks, a yoga instructor teaching a class later this month, group manicures, chips & dip staff meetings and more.

stress awareness month

Not only will we be focusing on taking care of ourselves but also focusing on what we can give back to our communities. We’re encouraging our staff to participate in Earth Day on April 22nd and putting together a list of ways for them to get involved. And throughout the month we’ll be putting the spotlight on how our staff is involved in charities and other events and organizations. Because getting involved in something bigger than yourself is a key part of a work/life balance.

Stay tuned here as well as on all our social channels for more examples throughout the month on how Voce works to destress and give back to the communities around us.