Every week the Voce team works tirelessly to secure important coverage for clients. Below is just an example of the results of this week’s work and you can see more on Flipboard.

WhiteHat Security

SC Magazine, Apple vs. FBI: Too much to ask, Ryan O’Leary  – April 1, 2016

SC Magazine features a contributed column by Ryan O’Leary about why Apple should not have complied with the FBI court order to unlock an iPhone. 

micro focus

Micro Focus 

CIO.com, Why it’s time to learn COBOL, Paul Ruben – April 1, 2016

Geoff Webb joins the discussion on different programming languages, noting career benefits. 

Rook Security

SC Magazine, Apple vs. FBI: Comply!, J.J. Thompson, CEO, Rook Security – April 1, 2016

Rook Security CEO J.J. Thompson’s opinion piece on the Apple/FBI debate is featured in SC Magazine – both in print and online. 


D Magazine, Cybersecurity Firm Armor Appoints Diana Massaro as CMO, Danielle Abril – March 30, 2016

The hire of C-level executive Diana Massaro is covered in a local Dallas magazine. 

sandisk logo


CNET, SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable SSD review: An extremely fast, versatile drive, Dong Ngo – March 30, 2016

SanDisk’s Extreme 900 SSD receives an overall rating of 8.3/10 and 4 out 5 stars for CNET editors’ rating. 


ZDNet, Workday’s Phil Wilmington: Cloud vendors’ customer win claims murky Larry Dignan, March 29, 2016

In his interview with ZDNet’s Larry Dignan, co-president Phil Wilmington decried the trend among enterprise cloud companies touting customer wins without revealing the details behind the deals or whether another rival platform was really uprooted.

palo alto networks logo

Palo Alto Networks

Huffington Post, Cybersecurity Education: An Interview Roger Connolly of Palo Alto Networks, Ruth Starkman  March 25, 2016

Roger Connolly, Palo Alto Networks director of education, sat down with Ruth Starkman to discuss cybersecurity education.

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