Last week, we published the first in a two-part series highlighting tips, tricks, hacks and best practices from across Voce for keeping up with our news. Today, it’s time for Part 2.

After all, we’re in the business of communications, meaning it’s imperative for every single one of us to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening. That means what’s happening in our industry, what’s changing in our client’s worlds, what key journalists are interested in and what broader business trends are coming that we can get our clients in front of.

But just how to do that is something we’ve each answered in our own way. Which makes it that much more interesting to get a sneak peek into how various Vocians have approached that question.

Below is the second batch of responses and tricks from folks across Voce, illustrating just how they’ve each gone about the task of keeping up with the news.

Stephanie Cohen, Senior Client Executive

Most of the time I keep up on news using Twitter. I like that it’s real time and constantly moving. I follow relevant technology and business news outlets and scan my feed once or twice a day (usually on my commute or lunch break). I also pay attention to the daily news digest that the Voce Security Practice puts together and sends around twice a day in order to stay up to date on security-specific news that may be relevant to my clients.

voce news twitter

Clint Gordy, Associate Client Executive

I do a morning report for a client each day, so I subscribe to dozens of newsletters. Fast Company, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal – you name it, and it’s routed to a specific folder on my email. Not only does this allow me see all breaking news in a cohesive location, but also helps identify emerging trends within the technology sector that I can present to clients.

voce news email

Randy Ksar, Vice President

I have four key ways I keep up with my news: (1) Flipboard – I follow tons of tech influencers and have connected all of my social feeds. This is usually my first app I open unless I’m binge watching some superhero or comedy flick on Netflix. (2) New app I started using about 2 months ago. AP is publishing there as well as tech influencers. Surprisingly my regular news (US and Global) on Anchor comes from the USC Journalism school. (3) I tune into to a few video podcasts: Social Chef, Social Media Examiner and Marketing Live. All have awesome digital and social media news that matters to me and my clients. (4) Product Hunt: For the latest products that companies are using and for interesting podcasts that I would never have found on iTunes, ProductHunt is the one stop shop. They have a great mobile app and even better Live AMA’s with leading technology editors and entrepreneurs.

voce news anchor

Ariel Rothbard, Client Executive

I’ve found that Twitter is a great source of real-time news — I follow several of the top business and tech outlets, as well as key journalists and influencers who are almost constantly sharing updates. I also stay up to date on new happenings by subscribing to daily e-newsletters such as Fortune’s Data Sheet and TechCrunch’s Top Stories of the Day. I’ll usually skim these for the top headlines and then click the links to read full articles for those that are most relevant to my client work.

voce news twitter 2