Every week the Voce team works tirelessly to secure important coverage for clients. Below is just an example of the results of this week’s work and you can see more on Flipboard.

workday logoWorkday

Fortune, What To Do When You Don’t Have a Career Plan

Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Insider community featured a contributed article from Leighanne Levensaler where she answers the question, “how important is it to know where you want to be in five years?”

ZDNet, #CXOTALK: Workday CEO explains his top priorities

Michael Krigsman writes about why Aneel and Dave Duffield started the company, how Workday prioritizes customer feedback and the CIO role in today’s changing environment.

sandisk logoSanDisk

AnandTech, The SanDisk X400 1TB SSD Review

Billy Tallis reviews the SanDisk X400 SSD – providing in-depth details on the high quality and speedy performance of the drive.


Yahoo! Tech, The 11 Best Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day 2016

Tile is featured in a roundup of gifts for Mother’s Day, an important sales day for the brand.

whitehat security twitterWhiteHat Security

CSO Online, Retailers must upgrade authentication, encryption and pen testing

Ryan O’Leary, VP at WhiteHat Security explains new security requirements in the payment industry.


CNN Money, These skills will get you a job

LinkedIn Economic Graph skills data is used as a reference in this story about desirable skill sets in the US economy.

micro focusMicro Focus

CIO.com, 10 tips to help CIOs reduce stress

Geoff Webb, VP at Micro Focus shares tips to help CIOs manage stress.


TechCrunch, Jaguar partners with Tile to make sure drivers never leave without their wallets

Tile’s new partnership with Jaguar Land Rover is featured, including an interview with CEO and co-founder Mike Farley.

Palo Alto Networks / BLUECAT (among others)

CIO, 10 tips to help CIOs reduce stress

Palo Alto Networks

SC Magazine, Researchers ID ‘Infy,’ Iranian malware family under the radar for a decade

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