It’s that time of year again, when a fresh group of young adults will be wrestled from the safety and comfort of college life and expelled out into the vast nothingness that’s known colloquially as “the real world.” It’s scary for anyone and recent research shows that for the group of young people known as Millennials it’s even worse, as they’re rightfully pessimistic about their job prospects.

One of the most common experiences post-college is finding out that all those classes and courses didn’t completely prepare you for what a job was going to entail. That’s been something we’ve talked to Vocians about in our ongoing Voce Voices series and it’s what we’re going to cover here over the course of May as we talk to people within and without of Voce about what it was they wish they’d known before they were shuffled off campus and into the workforce.

So what was my story? I’m glad you asked.

The front page of the internet in 1997.

My usual line when someone asks about my college experience I respond with something along the lines of “Nothing I do now existed when I was in school.” That’s true to a certain extent. I finished college in 1998, before blogs were a thing, much less social networks like Twitter and Facebook. When I wanted to watch the first teaser for Star Wars: Episode I it was via dial-up and played as an embedded Quicktime file that I’m still waiting to finish loading. Web publishing, unless you were Dave Weiner, was still the sole purview of major media companies and the first online retailers.

But the principles of communication were the same: Say what you need to say in as efficient and compelling manner as you possibly can. Everything I’ve done since then in terms of content strategy, online marketing and social media has been built on that. So while I wish I’d known what the future of the internet was going to hold and been able to anticipate the needs of content creation and distribution, I’ve been able to pull on the basics of what I learned to inform how I approach all that.

That’s my perspective. Watch out for more from around the Voce Nation as May goes on and leave a comment below with your thoughts.