In the latest episode of the Voce Nation Podcast, Randy Ksar and I talked about all – or at least much of – the news coming out of Monday’s WWDC keynote and presentation by Apple. You can watch the conversation below.

In the episode we talked about:

  • SiriKit and how more apps and their content will be accessible via Siri. Also, how Siri will soon be available on desktop machines through the new OS.
  • Swift Playgrounds and how this will help kids learn more about coding and app building, which is good for Apple specifically but for everyone more generally.
  • iMessage and how it’s adding features like stickers, emoji display and suggestion options to retain its user base amid increased competition from Whatsapp, Line and other messaging apps.
  • Apple News and how it’s not only redesigning but offering locked-screen notifications that will feature more media and interactive content as well as allowing people to subscribe to publications from within the app.

And, as usual, lots more. You can visit Apple’s Developers site to get more details. And you can read some of the stories we reference in the podcast in our Flipboard magazine.

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