At Voce/Porter Novelli, client service excellence is foundational to everything we do. It’s our most important product. It’s how we grow our business and measure our success.

With client expectations higher, competition fiercer and budgets tighter, the room for error is marginal. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard in order to develop deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

That’s why four times a year we celebrate the Client Service Star Awards as an opportunity to recognize 10 outstanding Voce/Porter Novellians around the globe each quarter who exemplify the principles of Client Service Excellence. Winners of the Client Service Star Award have been recognized by both colleagues and clients alike for their dedication to: building long-term relationships, deepening their knowledge of the business, creating value in their daily role and keeping promises.

elysia nazareth

In this new blog series, we’ll talk to some of Voce’s very own Client Service Stars and explore what client service excellence means to them. To kick us off, we interviewed our Q1 Client Service Star – Supervisor, Elysia Nazareth.


  1. What do you do at Voce/Porter Novelli?
    1. As an Account Supervisor in the San Francisco office, I support clients by way of media relations and program management, spanning corporate and product programs. Recently, my clients have included those in cybersecurity, B2B and B2C technology, providing a pretty varied and dynamic day-to-day experience.
  2. What does client service excellence mean to you?
    1. To me, client service excellence is about more than delivering consistently high quality results on time. It’s about bridging the gap from being a “do-er” and an executer to becoming a trusted, strategic advisor; which often means taking the extra step to put yourself in your client’s shoes and walk around in their skin. It’s about asking smart questions to ensure you’re helping them identify the real business challenge and not just the most apparent surface-level challenge, in order to deliver the best possible outcomes. It’s about anticipating and pre-empting the needs of your client, but also the needs of their various stakeholders. And finally, it’s about digging deep into their industry and getting smart on their competitors so you’re offering strategic counsel on how they fit into the current competitive landscape and what they can do to change perception.
  3. How have you come to learn successful client service?
    1. I’ve had the great fortune of working with some whip smart colleagues and clients – ones that have transitioned over time from professional connections to close friends. I’ve also witnessed some strained client situations, from which I’ve tried to absorb as much as possible in order to apply those learning’s in the future.
  4. Do you have any role models who you look up to in this regard?
    1. For me, a true measure of successful client service is when you can evolve from a service/consultant role to a budding personal friendship – I’ve had the great fortune of working with and learning from many managers who’ve mastered this ability. Many of these managers also happen to be women who I look up to immensely both professionally and personally, and who have gone on to do amazing things. They’re great moms, respected executives, caring friends and thoughtful, passionate people.
  5. What advice would you give to others looking to mirror those client service excellence principles?
    1. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Michael Dell once said, “Try to never be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people or find a different room.” Once you surround yourself with the right people, always look for opportunities to be a fly on the wall and take every opportunity to observe and absorb.