Flipboard and Voce Communications invite you to a panel discussion about best practices & pitfalls in starting and growing an employee advocacy program. The panel will be moderated by Josh Quittner at Flipboard, editorial director and include the following panelists:

Speakers at the Employee Advocacy Meetup - Andrew Stoltzfus, Rhonda Hughes, Julie Hayes

– Rhonda Hughes, Corporate Social Media Manager at Citrix

– Julie Hayes,  Sr. Brand Communications Manager at Autodesk

– Andrew Stoltzfus, VP of the Technology Practice at Voce Communications 

B2C and B2B brands are finding one of the best way to connect with their customers, prospects and potential recruits is through authentic and real conversations from employees. According to recent studies, employees have social networks that reach 10x a company’s followers, and that employee-shared content generates 8x more engagement than brand content and is re-shared 25x more often. In addition, people trust other people (including employees) 90% of the time, compared to just 33% who trust official brand content. 

Join us on August 15 at Flipboard HQ in Palo Alto at 6:00pm and invite your fellow digital and communication peers. We’ll be taking your questions and diving into the following: 

  • How do you sell an employee advocacy program to executives and employees?
  • What organizations beyond marketing does employee advocacy help?
  • What role does employee advocacy play in managing your brand’s reputation?
  • How do you measure a program? Does it change from when you start it to when the program is mature?
  • Which organization typically owns the program?
  • How do you keep employees from hurting the brand, intentionally or accidentally?

Come to find the answers, learn and mingle.

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