It’s always interesting to know what each person’s career background is especially when it goes wwwaaay back to their first jobs. You get a chance to relate to them especially if you had similar first jobs or perhaps you learn why they were molded a certain way. To find out more information about the Voce Communications co-founders – Richard Cline, Dave Black and Matthew Podboy – we asked them what were their first seven jobs and this is what they said:


Richard Cline

  1. Newspaper Boy
  2. Dishwasher/Line Cook
  3. Grocery Bagger
  4. Baseball Coach
  5. Waiter/Food Server
  6. Distance Learning Technician
  7. Journalist


Matthew Podboy

  1. Supermarket grocery bagger
  2. Convalescent home dishwasher
  3. Restaurant busboy
  4. Food preparation assistant
  5. Wendy’s fast food
  6. Valet car parker
  7. Counselor with autistic children


Dave Black

  1. Paperboy
  2. Pizza maker
  3. Pizza maker again
  4. Photo developer
  5. Flower delivery boy
  6. Bus Boy
  7. Flower Delivery Man


What were your first seven jobs? Post a comment below.