Today is #givingtuesday which everyone around the world comes together to give back in the form of $, time, gifts or the power of voice in their local community. In 2015 (according to, $116 million dollars were donated by 700,000 people in order 70 countries – wow! I wonder what the numbers in 2016 will be?

Of course, Voce and our employees have given back to local communities throughout 2016. Whether it is serving meals at Glide church or donating to our favorite charity, we care deeply about our local community. One of the cool perks we get at Voce is 8 hours per year in paid time off to volunteer!  As you know, there is never a good time to step away from the desk (and the emails always keep coming) but we have to make it a priority to give back either in dollars, time, gifts or our voice in spreading awareness.

This year for #givingtuesday our employees gave back in numerous ways. Here are a few highlights and hope this post gets you thinking what you can not only do during the month of December but all year around.

Stephanie Moore:

I donated to Planned Parenthood and all throughout the year using where a portion of all my purchases go to St. Jude’s.

Tiffany Curci:

I donated to Shoes 4 Kidz which was started by my high-school classmate Myriah. I played softball and other sports with her growing up and as a “sports/active” household love what she’s trying to do to keep kids in good shoes. 

Leonora Fleming:

I’m donating to She’s the First – I actually serve on the Junior Board so am a bit biased, but we’re a nonprofit that provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries so that they can be the first in their families to graduate. 

Comment below how you gave or are giving back this year.

-Randy Ksar