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Dave Coustan

Senior Vice President of Content Strategy and Planning

As Senior Vice President, Content Strategy and Planning at Voce Connect, Dave leads and manages content initiatives across Voce’s client roster. His work and personal projects reflect an ongoing passion for the history and evolution of Web culture. He has over 12 years’ experience developing and executing successful online entertainment, ecommerce, communications, and marketing projects with major brands on the agency side and on the client side as one of the first official corporate bloggers and social media strategists for a Fortune 1000 company at EarthLink. Dave’s entrepreneurial ventures include creating and launching Tiny Envelope, an online stationery boutique, and co-founding Giantheads, a Web entertainment and interactive development agency.

Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in comparative religion from Columbia University and a Master’s in new media from Emerson College. You can read more about Dave at http://www.extraface.com