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Janet Hohmann

Vice President

Janet Hohmann brings her more than 15 years of experience to Voce working out of the San Francisco office, specializing in enterprise level business-to-business software companies. During her tenure at Voce Janet has lead traditional communications and social media programs for Dolby, Unisys, Elastra, Splunk, the Discovery Channel and Recommind. Prior to joining Voce, Janet ran PR programs for Zultys, StorageTek, sanrise, IBM¹s partner and Tivoli groups, BEA analyst relations, and Micromuse. She also ran international PR and customer relations programs while in-house at Boole & Babbage (now BMC Software). Her vast experience spans enterprise software including storage, enterprise and systems management, enterprise search, cloud computing and procurement solutions; embedded solutions, voice recognition technology, consumer electronics and aerospace. Janet  now spends all her free-time looking after her toddler and baby. Someday soon she hopes to again enjoy cooking, reading and playing soccer.