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Stephen Lynch

Senior Client Executive

Stephen’s current and past clients represent a wide range of tech and consumer companies, with a  focus on growing their presence among media and digital influencers. Steve has executed public relations campaigns and worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from tech companies like Plantronics and Palo Alto Networks to consumer business like Blackhawk Network and CiCi’s Pizza. His past work has included organizing and coordinating client events, running social media programs and strategic counsel in addition to coordinating speaking opportunities, events, awards and other day-to-day PR activities. He worked as a cloud computing blogger, launched pop-up eateries in San Francisco and hooked up several reporters with rides in a robotic car. Among other areas of focus, he has worked on mobile developer relations programs for two years and has lost more sleep to hackathons than he would care to admit. An understanding of technology and love of connecting people drives everything he does, from explaining how Fulton Innovation’s wireless electricity works to talking about the latest trends in network security.