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June 14th, 2005

PR Week Toots the NetApp PR Team’s Horn

In PR Week’s June 13 issue, the NetApp PR team and the Voce team get respect for PR domination in an industry full of heavyweights often several times their size. NetApp once an “underdog” in the data storage market is no more.  NetApp’s CEO a strong supporter of PR sums it up well:

Quote from PR Week:

"PR has been our primary mechanism to get visibility in the marketplace," says CEO Dan Warmenhoven. "It’s very important to getting our name out there and educating the market to who we are and what we do. It’s much more credible than advertising. It carries more weight in the customer’s mind than us blowing our own horn."

The success of the program is a demonstration of how powerful PR can be – especially with strong support from the CEO who clearly sees value in the program.  Congratulations to the extended NetApp PR team for a job well done. 


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