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June 27th, 2005

Voce Team Becomes Guerrillas

Well not exactly, but sometimes when trying to get your message out you have to get your hands a little dirty. (Do a little guerrilla marketing if you will…) Recently a few members from Voce spent a weekend in L.A. to help promote the Discovery Channel’s Greatest American TV Series.  The program allowed Americans to vote via the internet and telephone and select their choice for the greatest American of all time.  On Sunday, June 26, it was announced that the American public selected Ronald Reagan!

Having initiated a ground-up launch of the program with an aggressive Digital Advocacy program including creating GreatestAmericanblog.com, Voce took things one step further by hitting the streets handing out gift bags, stickers (a big hit with the kids) and magnets in an effort to encourage people to vote and submit blog comments.

We knew going into it that we were not marketing to the mass-consumer in a vacuum, so we took every opportunity we could to also take people aside and explain the Greatest American program, so that they would remember more than our cute trinkets. To heighten awareness at several consumer-friendly locations, we “installed” celebrity look-a-likes to make sure that we drew as much attention as possible to the promotional campaign.

All in all, it was a real success but a true reminder this is a competitive world – people are inundated with literally thousands of marketing messages every day. Getting their attention is a challenge enough, but getting them to remember why you got their attention is the ultimate challenge.

– Ben Hohmann

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