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July 24th, 2005

Corporate and Employee Blog Policies – Unplugged

Last Thursday, Voce was pleased to co-host a panel discussion with Cooley Godward on corporate and employee blog policies: “How Companies are Adapting to a New Communications Frontier” (more here). We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all the panelists for taking the time to share their insights, advice and anecdotes on […]

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July 20th, 2005

PR Person in Urgent Need of Help

From O’Dwyer’s, an Ogilvy employee is in critical need of a liver transplant. Shari Kurzrok, a 31-year-old VP at Ogilvy PR Worldwide, will die within days if she does not receive transplant. The Great Neck, N.Y. native is to be married in October. She led Ogilvy’s "Save-a-Life-Tour" to raise the awareness of the need for […]

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July 13th, 2005

Voce, Cooley Godward Team Up to Examine Corporate Blogging

As corporate America continues to examine the impact of social media on business, particularly blogging, it’s clear that some significant challenges remain, not least among them are legal and communication issues involving fair disclosure, corporate policy and to a greater extent, freedom of speech.  While a growing number of companies recognize the need for transparency […]

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July 11th, 2005

But it’s MY identity…

It was after I watched The Net that I first feared identity theft and even considered it to be a reality. (It was mainly a five minute afterthought that quickly passed.) It wasn’t until years later that I would REALLY be introduced to the ramifications and possibilities of this actually happening. See, I work with […]

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July 8th, 2005

Are Women Better Leaders?

I recently read an article on careerbuilder.com titled “5 Reasons Women Make Better Leaders.” The article stated that “women are better with the soft skills of management, like listening and communicating, while men excel at the hard skills such as analysis and decision-making.” Being a woman who holds a senior position at a firm specializing […]

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