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July 13th, 2005

Voce, Cooley Godward Team Up to Examine Corporate Blogging

As corporate America continues to examine the impact of social media on business, particularly blogging, it’s clear that some significant challenges remain, not least among them are legal and communication issues involving fair disclosure, corporate policy and to a greater extent, freedom of speech. 

While a growing number of companies recognize the need for transparency in their communication with customers, partners, investors, and the media — and see social media as a means for helping with this important goal — transparency must be balanced with purpose and responsibility.

With this in mind, Voce’s teaming up with Cooley Godward and co-hosting a roundtable discussion on corporate blogging next Wednesday evening, July 20th in Palo Alto.  The purpose of the discussion is to examine and hear first-hand how some of today’s leading corporations and decision makers are approaching the new opportunities and challenges of business blogging. 

A select group of panelists will lead the discussion and share their views on corporate, executive and employee blogs and how they are deploying them, or not, within their organizations. 

The panel includes:

Charlene Li, principal analyst at Forrester Research will moderate the discussion.

Unfortunately seating is limited, so if you’re a corporate communicator, marketing practitioner or legal professional that’s grappling with these issues and would like to attend, please email John Welton or call 650/228-5183 and request an invitation.

We hope to see readers of the Voce Nation there!

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