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September 15th, 2005

A new face in Tech PR – the big picture after a year in the industry

As a Santa Clara University student in the heart of Silicon Valley, typically it is “expected” that you graduate with a basic understanding of the technology market either in a business sense or hands-on IT sense.  Case studies, group discussions, and internships both in and out of the classroom, aid in furthering the tech background of students in order to prepare them for the possibility of a career in the Bay Area. So looking back, I like to think that I started my career at Voce with a decent amount of technology experience.

After working at Logitech and now Voce, I consider myself in the “thick of it all” and I can safely say no education is ever enough, this industry moves at the pace of light it seems.  In the world of technology communications consulting, we see companies buy others, merge, go out of business, products and solutions come and go, and trends pass by at warp speed. 

At first glance, technology may not seem like the most glamorous communications field to enter  compared to industries such as sports, fashion, and music. However – the way I look at it, it’s THE most fast paced and forever changing industry to be a part of, which makes it very interesting.

As computers and electronics advance, social and political changes occur as technology improvements lead to a change in the way people go about their daily routines. For example, consumers no longer need to go to Safeway to buy groceries, instead they can order them online. The movies we watch now have incredible digital effects that make us feel like we are a part of the film itself.  Wireless streaming media inventions bring video, photos, information anywhere, anytime in color, sound and picture.

Technology affects everything we do and as a technology communications specialist, I have an opportunity to help tell these stories and bring the changes to people who will use them for the better.  A large part of my job is to look for the every-day pieces of the business that appeal to consumers and IT buyers – like how enterprise software enables me to monitor incoming flights to ensure that I pick my boyfriend up from the airport on time – find the angle that will make a good story and interest people in learning more about the technology.

During my time at Voce, I have learned more than I did in all four years of college.  And I’m pleased I can say I am taking a part in an industry. The nerves are still there, but at least each day brings something new, and I look forward to the challenges of taking a company’s vision and story to the right people to make a difference.

— Elizabeth Reid

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