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September 22nd, 2005

On Client Blogs: Peerflix

Earlier this week one of our clients, Peerflix, announced general availability of its product and debuted new features at DEMOfall.  I thought I would just take a second to write a little about how the Peerflix blog fit into the overall success of this launch as a communication tool.

Over the past year, the Peerflix team has been working closely with a community of early adopters to fine-tune the service and understand the needs of movie enthusiasts. One of the key ways the team listened to (and spoke with) its community of users was through its Peerblog.

Each month, the Peerflix team puts together a basic editorial calendar, leaving room for any issue-driven or opportunistic posts that might surface. Most staff members contribute to the blog, and everybody stays up-to-speed on its content and the comment threads via RSS.  In fact, comments have been very important to the success of the blog because they allow the company to engage directly with its users and share information that not just one but many people can benefit from.

Using Peerblog as a way to communicate with users has allowed Peerflix to improve its product, cultivate a community and really showcase the people and the personality behind the company. Now that this week’s launch is behind us, I think the Peerblog will be even more important to the success of the ongoing communications program and more critical to making Peerflix an exceptional service!

— Kari Curto

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