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October 31st, 2005

Society for New Communications Research Launches

The Society for New Communications Research a new international, non-profit think tank, was announced today. The group is dedicated to providing a forum for research and education and a resource on the theoretical and practical implications surrounding new communications methodologies, tools and technologies.

From the announcement press release:

“The Society will study the impact of emerging modes of communication such as blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasts, videocasts, collaborative tools and the growing phenomena of participatory communications and their effect on traditional media, marketing, public relations and advertising, as well as their broader impact on business, politics, entertainment, culture, education, religion and society at large.”

“Activities will include the development of in-depth research studies, white papers, case studies, best practices and standards; industry education, the publication of the Journal of New Communications Research and an annual research symposium and awards program.”

Voce is proud to have two members of our staff on board:

—Mike Manuel, Voce client supervisor and Digital Advocacy strategist 

—Matthew Podboy, Voce co-founder and client supervisor

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