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October 21st, 2005

While I Was Out… My Wife Rocked!

I need to preface the following with a little back story. I have been an avid homebrewer for a little over two years now and have converted our downstairs storage area into a makeshift room to sit and relax with friends and drink homebrew. We have even given the pub a name – the Elizabeth Street Brewery (ESB).

Back in August, my wife Alyson (Allie) surprised me with a last-minute weekend away with some good guy friends of mine. We spent 48 hours on lake Shasta listening to great music and enjoying some good brews. When I returned to the house on Sunday evening, Allie greeted me at the door rather worried and hurried me down to our pub because she thought something was wrong with a brew of mine. However, when I opened the door to the pub, I was greeted by an entire film crew… Allie had organized a While You Were Out television show for our pub!! They had completely remodeled everything in the basement, painted it (in muted Dolphins colors I might add – and I’m a big Miami Dolphins’ fan), added all new shelving and storage, seating and carpet. In a word, it’s phenomenal.

I had absolutely zero clue of course. My wife, who works for the United States Investigation Services (USIS) is very accustomed to being stealth-like and she managed to organize the television show and keep it a secret from me for over 6 months (she first submitted our house for consideration back in early February of this year).

So, if you don’t have plans this weekend, please take the time to check out our episode of While You Were Out. Our episode is called "San Francisco: Just Brew It Baby!" and airs on TLC at 6pm this Saturday, October 22.



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