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November 16th, 2005

Enter: Citizen Journalism

Osm_photo_3_1Today in NYC, we helped coordinate a press event to launch a unique new media venture called Open Source Media (OSM).

The event involved a number of high-profile media pundits including Judith Miller (The New York Times), Glenn Reynolds ("Instapundit," the world’s 5th most popular blog), David Corn (The Nation), Larry Kudlow (CNBC’s "Kudlow & Company"), John Podhoretz (The New York Post), and Claudia Rosett (contributor to The Wall Street Journal).

The purpose of the gathering was two-fold:Osm_photo_1

—To launch OSM, which is aggregating content from top bloggers worldwide into a network designed to promote citizen journalism and commentary; and

—To discuss the "Shield Law" currently before Congress, as well as other top issues facing journalists and bloggers alike.

Interesting to note, Reynolds, Corn, Kudlow, Podhoretz, and Rosett are all mainstream media representatives — and bloggers — who will serve on the new venture’s 15+ member editorial board overseeing the more than 70 key contributors from around the world who are already signed up.

The concept behind OSM is to build a citizen journalism-driven news/commentary blog that will both complement and compete with mainstream media. The company was founded last year by screenwriter Roger L. Simon and blogger Charles Johnson. 

Media vet and communications expert, Shel Holtz sums up today’s launch with: Thank God OSM launched today. Now I won’t have to decide for myself which blogs are written by the Internet’s brightest minds.”

Congrats to OSM and the Voce team for a very successful event and a great start to a new venture.

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