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January 31st, 2006

The New Agency Engagement

You may or may not have read this BusinessWeek article. “Getting Creative With Mad Ave” (It kept me entertained while waiting for stitches in my left hand at the hospital this weekend). Upon first glance it seemed like a typical story about a cool marketing strategy, but upon further reading I learned that it was much more than that; To find the right agency, MINI Cooper did something quite different before signing on the dotted line, they did a “quirky trial-by-immersion.” During the article, you learn how important cultural fit, hunger for the business, and time investment played into the decision of which firm to eventually hire. Well worth a read for those of us in the communications consulting world. It also sheds some new perspective on the continued importance of brand and perception…

“It’s not uncommon, for relationships between a marketer and a new agency to hit the rocks in less than two years for having failed to bond earlier. So over the two-month-long shootout, says MINI marketing manager Trudy Hardy, the carmaker treated each agency as if it were already working on the brand.”

– -John Welton

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