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February 9th, 2006

Gartner Responds

The article from InformationWeek “Credibility of Analysts,” which I blogged about earlier this week has gotten quite a bit of play in the AR community. Some have said that the article is rather bland and rehashes old issues. Regardless, what I find interesting is the response to the article by Gartner. The research firm has in a rare instance responded with a post on their Ombudsman blog. (A very straight forward and open response I might add.)

“One was the insinuation that Gartner writes reports that are funded directly by tech vendors. Knowing how unethical that can be, Gartner simply doesn’t do white papers. Period.”

“InformationWeek also questioned the transparency of Gartner’s research methodologies. In fact, Gartner has documented and published its research methodologies for all to see and has a team dedicated to maintaining and improving these every day.”

— John Welton

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