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May 23rd, 2006

So Many Guerrillas/Gorillas/Guerillas, So Little Time/Thyme

What do you call a small band of militant primates promoting goods and services one person and one community at a time? Exactly.

At the risk of sounding like some borish writer with too much time on his hands, let’s at least set the record straight.

Gorilla = A large primate living in seclusion. Remarkable species to be appreciated from a distance. Close encounters can results in loss of limbs and severe injury (see: larry ellison)

Guerrilla = A small band of militants acting independently of any organization or ethos. This group can both liberate and annihilate all at once (see: byte and switch editorial staff)

Guerilla = An emerging gaggle of marketers who need a dictionary or a style guide

— RC

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