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June 14th, 2007

Safari for Windows Hits 1,000,000 Downloads

Just when we didn’t want another browser to test, Apple goes and joins the browser wars by releasing the beta version of Safari for Windows. Well, in case there was any doubt about whether it would get some attention, Apple says in the first 2 days after release that it was downloaded more than 1 million times. Sheesh.

NorthTemple has what I know Pete will think is a very reasonable recommendation:

By virtue of the fact that a web designer’s life is already full of cross-browser debugging, I hereby nominate IE6 to fall off the edge of the Earth. Microsoft, you have my permission to push IE7 as a mandatory update.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you haven’t yet, go download Safari for Windows. We will be supporting it.

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Nick Gernert leads the Platform Services team that's part of Voce Connect and oversees all web development efforts as well as making sure all those efforts are strategically sound. He is on Twitter as @nickgernert.

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