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July 29th, 2007

User Generated Content – The Mullet Strategy

Personally, I can’t resist a good mullet reference (especially when you can tie together mullets and user generated content). Perhaps it’s the abundance of mullets in our area (Polk County, Florida). From BuzzFeed – The Mullet Strategy: The biggest sites on the web are all embracing the “mullet strategy” – business up front, party in […]

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July 26th, 2007

PRSourceCode Props

How we measure success is by providing killer counsel, strategy and implementation for our clients. But it also feels great to get kudos from the media, since it’s the journalists and influencers we work with who ultimately help our clients’ tell thier stories. That said, we’re particularly proud of being recognized as a Top Tech […]

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July 23rd, 2007

Heading Back from California and WordCamp 2007

As I sit here waiting for my flight to leave the San Francisco Airport I figured I’d take some time to get an updated post on the cnp_studio blog. Just finished up a trip in California for client meetings and was also able to squeeze in a trip to this year’s WordCamp. For those of […]

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July 19th, 2007

Two Voce Clients Recognized for New Media Efforts

Andy Beal over at Marketing Pilgrim points to a recent study from Immediate Future that ranks “The Top 100 Brands in Social Media.” It’s a fairly chunky study and I’m still trying to grok bits and pieces of it, but I think Andy extracts some of the larger findings. The funny thing is that as […]

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July 16th, 2007

Web Design by Committee

Speak Up, a graphic design blog I regularly read, recently posted an interesting article on the dreaded “Design by Committee” and it got me thinking about this subject. It is generally thought in our industry (and really any industry that involves providing visual design for others) that the more individuals involved in the decision-making process […]

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July 11th, 2007

Being Productive

I’ve been working at cnp for a little over a year now and I am impressed with how much we’ve produced over that time. All of my previous experience was in the corporate world with development teams more than quadruple the size of cnp_studio. Yet, in the past year I believe we’ve more than tripled […]

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July 9th, 2007

Successful User Experience

Successful experience design is invisibleā€¦ which can create a problem for developing your portfolio. ~ Jared Spool at Web Design World today About the AuthorNick Gernert leads the Platform Services team that’s part of Voce Connect and oversees all web development efforts as well as making sure all those efforts are strategically sound. He is […]

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July 5th, 2007

Social Participation on the Web

Forrester Research, Inc. recently published some figured on social participation on the web (i.e. Blog readers, blog authors, blog commenters, etc) and the percentage of these people using Apple vs. Dell. Note to inactives, people are talking about you. Here’s how the data breaks down: Social Group Description Apple Dell Critics Comment on blogs, post […]

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