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August 6th, 2007

BarCamp Orlando & BlogOrlando… We're Going!

It looks like September is a good month for blogs and developers in and around Orlando, Florida. Registration opened up today for BarCamp Orlando so Sean and I hopped on that (Pete and Mike are still clearing their calendars), but then it prompted me to also register for another “un-conference” coming up in September, BlogOrlando. BarCampOrlando - We're Going!BlogOrlando - We're Going!

More on Barcamp

BarCampOrlando is a bi-yearly event to bring together people from different technical backgrounds to share and learn from each other. There will be people who know Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, and other technologies coming together for a free all day event.

It’s a day of developers sharing with other developers. There is no specific format for the day, but you are asked/expected to talk about something relevant and of interest to you. We’ll definitely be contributing to the conversation and now starts the challenge of exactly what it is we’d like to talk about.

More on BlogOrlando

BlogOrlando is now in its second year and according to their site

We hope to bring together a good cross-section of folks to discuss blogging, podcasting, public relations, social media, citizen’s journalism and other related topics

Josh has put together a nice list of session leaders which has us excited for a solid day of blogs.

So will we see you there? The price can’t be beat on either event (they’re free)!

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