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September 17th, 2007

New Site: TrueDemand Software

Well, allow me to apologize for the blatant neglect of this blog over the past 3 weeks. I won’t make excuses for not having a post since August 27, but I will say that things have been a tad bit busy around here. Quite a few sites are all coming in for a landing right now, so it keeps us on our toes. Not to mention we have officially started the end of the year crunch around here. Every year like clockwork as soon as it is September things don’t let up until the middle of January. So far, 2007 has been no exception.

All of that is besides the point, though. I’d like to take a second to announce the launch of a new site for TrueDemand Software. Our main role at this point of the project was updating the site’s user interface while simplifying the message. Additionally, we have created new promotion landing pages to allow TrueDemand to quickly and easily promote their solutions. This is just the start in many new initiatives for TrueDemand, so check back often!

TrueDemand Software Homepage

TrueDemand Software Interior Page

TrueDemand Promotion Page

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