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October 12th, 2007

Conference Wrapups: BarCamp Orlando, BlogOrlando and An Event Apart

The blog continues to suffer as things stay busy at the office. In the past three weeks in addition to launching a new site (full post and portfolio pages still to come) we’ve been to BarCamp Orlando, blogorlando and then finished things up with a trip out to San Francisco to this year’s final An Event Apart. All events definitely had their own unique offerings.

BarCamp Orlando Attendees
BarCamp Orlando – Thanks to Hyku for the photo.

BarCamp Orlando brought together a collection of developers that I don’t think the event organizers expected. Any time you can bring together developers in an environment where there’s plenty of beer it’s a good day. Since with BarCamp you never know what you’re getting until you get there and see who has signed up to talk the material was a toss-up. For me, one of the interesting takeaways was needsharing.org. Definitely an interesting take on matching donors with those in need. My father-in-law is the president of the United Way of Central Florida so it’s even more interesting to compare the approaches.

BlogOrlando, headed up by our buddy Hyku Hallett brought together some of the same people from BarCamp, but added a much larger audience of local Public Relations professionals. We hardly consider ourselves bloggers here at cnp_studio, but we do quite a bit of work with them and can’t help but hack up and have some fun with a WordPress install. After the keynote by Shel Israel, the “Tech” track was where we spent most of our time. Mark Jaquith gave us some new information on the highly anticipated WordPress 2.4 and Jeremy Harrington from crawlspace gave some great design resources via his ma.gnolia links page. When Jeremy was told by an attendee that they had their logo designed through a contest on their blog a somewhat bewildered Jeremy was quick to ask “Would you have done the same with the roof on your house?” Thanks for fighting the good fight Jeremy. Then it was a deviation over to the hyperlocal blogging talk by Tommy Duncan, the author of Tampa’s hyperlocal blog Sticks of Fire. All in all a great, worthwhile day.

An Event Apart
An Event Apart San Francisco, CA

Then it was off to An Event Apart out in San Francisco. The main thing you need to know about An Event Apart is that if you’re a Web Developer and you haven’t been yet, you need to go. Jeffery Zeldman and Eric Meyer put on a heck of a conference. This was my second An Event Apart and while there were a few overlaps, for the most part it was great new content. Sean was in attendance at this event and I will let him put his thoughts together so as to prevent he and I posting the same thing. One thing of particular interest from the conference though… for those of you experiencing those IE6 pains (that would be everyone) be sure to check out this javascript file that helps make IE6 behave like IE7.

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