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November 14th, 2007

Weckerle Blogging WOMM Summit

WOMBAT 07 - New Orleans Reception

The Word of Mouth Marketing Summit kicked-off earlier today in Las Vegas. As you would expect, the speaker lineup is just stacked, so there’s all sorts of insightful juice to squeeze out of this event — and that’s exactly what our own Andrea Weckerle is doing as one of two guest bloggers invited in to report and record this year’s event on the Summit Blog.

Already today, Andrea has covered multiple sessions, including Peter Waldheim’s “State of the Word of Mouth Marketing Industry,” and two panels on Social Networking and one on Influence vs. Network Size. Lastly, at least for today, she covered Lionel Menchaca’s discussion on Dell’s WOM and social media development work.

There is tons of good stuff to glean from day one talks and more will come. Also, be sure to read Jake McKee’s posts, he’s doing a yeoman’s job capturing and relaying all this year’s summit chatter.

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