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December 14th, 2007

cnp_studio is Getting a New Office

You may or may not know that we on the Web side have been looking for a new office for a new space for… well… going on two and a half years. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Just when we’d think we found a viable space it would fall through.

We’ve decided we really don’t want to rent out the space right now. It’s just too much trouble to build it out right now.
We found that the building has a few structural issues and it’s going to cost us $750K to bring it up to code.
It’s the year of the pig and we have a strict rule against renting out space in a year dedicated to swine.

The list goes on and on. Meanwhile poor Mike sits tucked away in the back of our office and Pete continues to work on the “oh so ergonomic” counter. Luckily this past summer we found a space right across the park from us and after much patience there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Starting some time in January early to mid January we will be moving into our new digs. As soon as we’re in feel free to stop by for a Samuel Adams and a game of Warhawk.

Photo of demolition of the new space
Demolition – OK, that was fun. Now what?

Photo of new space in new mid-construction
Mid-Construction – I learn where baseboards come from.

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Nick Gernert leads the Platform Services team that's part of Voce Connect and oversees all web development efforts as well as making sure all those efforts are strategically sound. He is on Twitter as @nickgernert.

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Kevin M on December 17th, 2007 at 3:53 pm

With some sweet digs like that, you are definitely going to need a brilliant CIO! Or at least someone to keep Sean in line. 😉