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January 13th, 2008

New Site: Yahoo!'s Corporate Blog, Yodel Anecdotal

Friday was a fun day spent at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale, CA launching the updated Yodel Anecdotal. Myself along with Mike and Josh from Voce Communications got together with Nicki Dugan (Yodel’s Editor) to add some more cowbell.

Things started with a meeting on the redesign back in late July 2007 and led to what you see today. Some of the updates included in the upgrade are:

  • Updated Design: A completely new look was created and a big thanks to Jeremy for yet another great one. This helped to allow for now more room within the post body as well as a wider sidebar. We feel that it gives things more room to breathe.
  • E-mail Subscription: In addition to the RSS feed available an e-mail based subscription to post updates is available
  • Tagging: Tagging has been added to help better identify content. Now Nicki has the fun responsibility of going back and adding tags to previous posts on Yodel. Fun!

Pete and Sean took care of all CSS as well as WordPress integration. Mike developed the Image Rotator plugin that you see at work in the header of the new blog (more on that coming soon).

Here’s some shots of the old site as well as the new for comparison. As always, you can also check the portfolio for more info on the project.

Old Yodel

Old Yodel Screen Shot

New Hotness

New Hotness

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